Thursday, June 3, 2010

May's Charity

One facet that I negotiated with my patron deity before entering into the workforce again was striking a deal for having the opportunity to still have non-spiritual gainful employment while still being a spirit worker and a priestess of Arawn.

Since I came to him before any offer was in my hand, the terms were very easily negotiated and extremely simple to follow: I would turn over a specified % of my income to a cause or charity that aided or helped people deal with any facet of death or dying.

The reason why I share this here is threefold:
- Raising awareness of giving time or money to charities or organizations that correlate positively to your deity's work of choice. In my example, I am still a spirit worker and will help out when I can with those who are dealing with death and dying, but I can't make it a full-time job at the moment, and don't have a lot of time to donate as of late. In this way, I'm still contributing what I can to a good cause.
- Letting others know what charity I'm donating to for a specific month, so that they can donate time or money to them if they believe it's a worthy cause.
- Opening a forum for ideas and suggestions on favorite charities, whether or not they are my patron deity's focus.

The charity that I donated to for the month of May was the American Hospice Foundation, you can find them at

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