Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering a Tragedy

Most Americans can't help but take a pause on September 11th in remembrance of the acts of terrorism suffered eight years ago. This is a time where we dredge up our memories from so long ago - when some of us watched the plane crash into the building live over the television, or watching the aftermath as the two towers fell. It's hard to put these thoughts out of our head, they come up naturally and unceasingly.

Just because we can remember does not mean that we should relive.

Today, focus on giving good energies and thoughts whose lives were cut short that day, instead of sending grievous thoughts to their souls in the afterlife. All of them can still hear us, and I can only imagine how bombarded some of them feel when on one particular day, they hear an overwhelming amount of people reach out to them across the veil, most with only sorrow and anger in their hearts.

If you have a good spiritual connection with those in the afterlife, tell them how much America honors their memory - tell them stories of how our country still stands, and share your own memories of friends and family.

I'm sure the spirits of those who passed on September 11th would thank you for your kindness.

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