Friday, August 28, 2009

Upcoming Essay Series

In the upcoming weeks, I'd like to put up a series of essays about the nature and facets of death. It's one of the most overlooked phases of our existence, one that everyone has and will experience, but the level of detail and attention brought to it is woefully lacking.

Some of the topics I plan to cover are as follows:

- The Facets of Dying: Death comes in many forms in our existence. Covers the different aspects of our life in which this wheel can rotate, from personal growth, relationships, and memories.
- The Dehumanization of Death: A look at how today's society has sheltered our culture from the practices of witnessing and dealing with physical death.
- Beyond the Departure: Rebirth is only possible through death. Learn how to embrace the natural process of dying so that one can give birth to new opportunities.

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